Black Sheep Fam is the product of collective experience and friendship. We are the company founders, Amy & Jami, and we launched our business in September of 2021.
We met at work, where we led large Design & Product Development teams. We were fortunate enough to travel the world together for work, and we became lifelong friends in the process. Over the years we’ve watched each other’s babies grow up, leaned on one another during tough times, laughed till we snorted, and even survived a Tsunami in Taiwan while trapped in our hotel! Ok…there may have been a bar & a spa, and we may (or may not) have taken advantage of both LOL (True story, we were seriously trapped…what would you do?!) Now, we are small business owners, but above all else, we are hard working moms along for the ride on this rollercoaster of life, like so many of you!
We’ve always loved the tradition of matching family pajamas, but our kids and husbands, probably not so much. As moms of pre-teen & teenage children now, we were personally frustrated with the choices out there skewing too young & too driven by licensed characters, all in terrible quality. Trying to find a pattern everyone would agree on, and running around to multiple stores to find all the sizes needed was a frustrating experience. We saw an opportunity here!
After 25+ years in Corporate America, we decided to take the leap and bet on ourselves! Our mission was to create pajamas for today’s modern family that people would actually want to wear, even after the holiday picture was taken!  We focused on easy experience, superior quality, in “Stand Out From The Crowd” prints, and our insanely cozy fabric is simply AMAZING!
We recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes, and diversity & inclusion are very important to us, so we offer Extended & Tall sizes, and Unisex fit options. Our generous fit also accommodates most expecting mothers. 
Black Sheep Fam Pajamas & Accessories help you create Unforgettable Moments when your family expresses its own, unique style and celebrates life together!
That’s our mission, and it’s that simple.