Take the Perfect Matching Family Pajamas Photo with Your Pet

August 23, 2022
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Christmas is right around the corner and a perfect time for family, food, and fun.  And what better way to capture those unforgettable moments than with a Christmas family photo? One of the most popular Christmas photos to take is a family photo in matching family Christmas pajamas.  And we can’t forget to include our beloved pets as part of the family. 

                      Matching Christmas Family Pajamas

Here are a few tips to make sure your matching family Christmas pajama photo with your pets is perfect:

  • Second, choose a spot for the photo that is well-lit and has a neutral background.  A Christmas tree makes a perfect backdrop for the photo.
  • Third and this is the tricky part – you need to get your pet’s attention.  Use props such as their favorite treats or a toy they love which should do the trick.  Take lots of photos and practice shots until you get the perfect one. And be prepared to be patient because it could take a while.
  • Finally, make sure the camera is at eye level with your pet. This will help capture their adorable face and expression and make sure they are the star of the photo.

Check out matching Christmas family pajamas from the Black Sheep Fam website or our Etsy Shop to get your pajamas for the perfect family photo with your pet and make sure you are set for the Holiday Season.  It will make the perfect Christmas card and social media post as well!

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