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Knock Knock:  Someone found the behind-the-scenes door of Santa’s Black Sheep Fam workshop!

August 4, 2022
HomeBlogKnock Knock:  Someone found the behind-the-scenes door of Santa’s Black Sheep Fam workshop!

Christmas in July?  How about Christmas in August to stand out from the crowd and kick off the month with a last-minute impromptu family photo shoot that everyone including Dad, the kids, and the dog were excited about and would enjoy? The noise from kids and dogs alike filled the air, but it didn’t matter because everyone had something special on their minds: Christmas!

Even a sunny summer day couldn’t stop anyone from being in the Christmas mood and excited to put on the new arrivals of matching family Christmas pajamas from the Black Sheep Fam.  The kids were excited to try out all new styles while they waited for their turn in front of the camera, and wouldn’t miss the opportunity to give their Christmas list to Santa a little early this year.

We started the day with a photo shoot outside with everyone having fun in front of the camera in the new Holiday matching pajama styles.  Even our youngest model couldn’t wait to see what else was inside Santa’s Black Sheep Fam workshop and try on more.

Matching family Christmas pajamas are a great way to get everyone in a festive mood no matter what time of year it is.  They’re cozy and comfortable and perfect to capture your memorable family moments ( and even some of the not-so-perfect moments) and laughs along the way!

And what better way to end the day than with a gorgeous family Christmas pajama photo in front of the fireplace, perfect for our Christmas card this year!

Matching family Christmas pajamas from the Black Sheep Fam – making family memories one pair of pajamas at a time!

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