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About Black Sheep Fam

The Black Sheep Fam Founders

We are the company founders: Amy, Jami, and Veronica. Black Sheep Fam is the product of our collective experience and lifelong friendship. In our previous careers, we were buyers, directors and designers for major retailers. Now we are small business owners. Above all else, we are moms.

We’re not the type of moms that lead ideal lives – with our morning coffees, daily fitness routines, amazing jobs, and perfect families. Rather, we’re down-to-earth, real life, hardworking moms. We swear (sometimes in front of our kids), leave the house without makeup, skip those workouts, trade the protein bar for a doughnut, and sometimes even skip making the perfect holiday meal in favor of putting on some comfy pajamas with our family and ordering pizza. And, you know what? We’re completely fine with our lives being “perfectly imperfect.”

After 25 plus years in corporate America, we found ourselves wanting more – more time with our families, more time for ourselves, and more time to connect with our communities and give back to the charities that are important to us. We recognized the need for an easier shopping experience – especially for moms with limited time. And we wanted to help others create lasting family moments that embrace each family’s unique style. So, we created Black Sheep Fam pajamas.


When we started Black Sheep Fam, our thoughts were simple. We wanted the quality of our fabric and designs to be unique and stand out from other cookie cutter products in the market. And that’s exactly what we’ve done!

Above all else, our focus is on family, and our mission is to bring your family unforgettable memories. No matter how you define family or what your family looks like, we want to help you create those “moments in time” when your family expresses its own unique style and celebrates life together.

The Black Sheep Families
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