How Matching Family Pajamas Became THE Coolest Holiday Tradition

gray santa matching family pajamas

It all started with the matriarch of the family traditionally gifting pajamas to everyone for the holidays. Then it became cute to have matching family pajamas, offered exclusively in catalogs…and then social media happened, which started a craze most of us have been guilty of participating in.

I distinctly remember working for a large, midwest retail corporation trying to convince them that this was indeed “a thing”, and that we needed to participate. We played this Holderness family viral video for the board members, which no doubt, gave this category some much needed street cred, and eventually, we jumped on the bandwagon too.

However, over the years, I think we can all agree that the idea has become a bit stale. It’s targeted toward mass market, predominantly driven by licensed characters, and hard to set yourself apart from the crowd in your annual Holiday card or Instagram post.

If you are anything like the 3 of us moms, running around to all the stores to find the print you want in all the sizes you needed was a frustrating and exhausting experience. Who has the time (or energy) for that?!  It’s enough to make you want to give up on the tradition, and good luck getting the man in your life, or your older children, to embarrass themselves by wearing cheesy matching family pajamas (Gasp!).

More and more it’s become cool even if it’s just you and your pet(s), newlyweds celebrating their first holiday together, or a bonding moment with the girls at book club (I mean wine club).

OK, Now What?

That’s why the 3 of us started Black Sheep Fam, a new modern take on the concept. With a modern collection thoughtfully designed to give you all the matching family pajama options and accessories you need to truly Stand Out From The Crowd! 

matching family pajamas in modern tree

But What About Me?

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and diversity & inclusion is very important to us, so we offer Plus, Big & Tall, and Unisex sizes. Our generous fit, and amazing 2-way stretch, soft & cozy knit fabric also accommodates expecting mothers.

matching family pajamas in red/black buffalo

What Are You Waiting For?!

Look how happy this family is, I mean, they’re like So Freaking Merry!!!  If ever there was a year to start your matching family pajamas tradition, this is it, they are officially cool again!  We promise you won’t regret it, and everyone will be asking where you got your’s!

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